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Seto Kousuke, second member of the Mekakushi Dan, at your service! Never be afraid to ask for help or to talk to someone! Be brave and you'll be okay! I'll do my best, too!
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It was early in the morning, and no one could have looked more happier than Seto Kousuke. The green hooded male was humming to himself as he took out the trash, so it could be picked up earlier in the day. It was a normal routine for him — for him to go about the base, cleaning and fixing anything he could before the others woke up. It was his obligation as a senior member of the Mekakushi Dan!

Speaking of which, the Dan’s members will become apoplectic once they wake up. Unknown to Seto, everyone he knows and loves will forget everything and anything they once knew about him this particular day. 

He certainly wouldn’t be ready for that. 

Hearing footsteps behind him, the hooded male turned around, blinking a bit, before smiling at the familiar figure in front of him. 

"Good morning! You’re up quite early!"